Gestalt-Art Powwow


Gestalt-Art Powwow

Art as a driver for
endless possibilities

Unfortunately, we decided to cancel the international Gestalt-art Powwow. We made this decision because we didn’t reach enough  attendants.

Hope to meet you at other times.

During these days we will explore and deepen our experiences with Gestalt Art. 

Creativity always gives new, more vision and wholeness. Head = knowledge, belly = feeling and in the HEART these are united and wisdom arises. Gestalt = whole and is about this wholeness.  Tapping into and developing creativity is of great value in facing personal challenges and processing trauma.

This international Gestalt-Art Powwow is organized by therapists from the Stichting Bevordering Gestalt-Art ( Are you excited to experience Gestalt-Art therapy for yourself, your work, and your personal development? Then we invite you to join us!

During the Powwow we would like to share our expertise with an open mind and heart. We look forward to meeting you and deepening our knowledge together.

Open your senses.

Take a look at the program!